Focus and Find

You don’t end something by focusing all of your attention on it. If you want happiness, don’t focus on the things that do not bring you joy.  What you feed grows, what you starve dies; it’s as simple as that.  We are all prone to human emotion, and we all forget sometimes that through intentional vs reactive thinking, we have the ability to shape our own world by controlling our own thoughts and actions.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t…you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Think about it.

There is plenty of bad in this world, but there is also plenty of good.  Trust me when I say that whichever you choose to focus on, you will find.  If you focus on failure, you will find that you fail more.  If you focus on success, you will find that you succeed more.  If you view life as a tragedy, you will always be a victim, but oh darling, when you view your life as spectacular…watch out.

Stop buying into the popular concept of the cup being half full or half empty; your cup is refillable to overflowing, it is just a matter of YOU making it happen.

Focus on good today and you will surely find something good.

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