Get Out of Your Head and Let Your Intuition Guide You

Jim Carey once said, “so many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality.”  We are raised to believe that we should disregard what we feel for what the world sees as fitting.  So often we take the practical and safe road, suppressing our desires and in turn we suffer emotionally.  We fight back internally with thoughts and feelings of being unfulfilled; did we miss out?  Will we miss out?  But why should we deny ourselves these impulses?  We all reach this crossroad many times in our lives and we must choose the path of practicality or fulfillment.

I recently experienced this crossroad for myself and I felt so weighed down by these negative emotions.  You see, I was missing someone terribly and just like any physical pain, I had to get to the root of it in order to ease it.  I came to find that I did not miss a person in particular, I missed control and I missed who I was with the person.  I missed the idea of who we were.  You see, every subject in life can be broken down further into two subtopics: a want for and a lack of.  I will demonstrate below:

  • Love
    • Want for love
      • peaceful, easy feeling – positive emotion
    • Lack of love
      • tense, sad, longing – negative emotion

You see we have the option as we do with everything in life to focus on the negative or the positive of the situation.  My heart knows that 99% of my feelings toward this situation are good and the 1% negative only involve the fact the love is no longer mine to hold, so here we are faced with an issue of releasing control.  Thoughts are magnets, so you have to be so careful about what you allow yourself to think.  Have you ever caught yourself thinking about how hungry you are?  The more time you spend thinking about how hungry you are, the more thoughts come to you about food and hunger in general; you begin to think of food that sounds good, tastes good, or smells good.  Before you know it, you are salivating.  This is how powerful your mind is!  You can trigger a physical response based on one single passing thought if you allow it to stick around.  Eventually, you’re going to find yourself eating!  Thoughts – become – things.  BOOM!  It hit you like lightening, didn’t it?

The point I am trying to drive home is that the world says “forget about that person and move on” but if your heart says remember, then you should remember the good and bask in it or your body will respond poorly as you resist it with negative emotions.  You can’t base all of your reactions upon what is considered practical, responsible, socially acceptable, or even what you think is reasonable because your heart doesn’t reason with your brain and you shouldn’t try to reason with it either.  Just feel good about the good and if it starts to feel bad, intentionally switch over to the good and focus in on those things and more good will come.  Be grateful by default for what you have taken away from this.

Operate in the positive and positive will come to you.  Don’t be resistant, be receptive.  Stop blindly following social norms and be authentic.  Stop swimming upstream, and let the current take you where it may.  Enjoy the ride and let your joy spread like a wildfire.  Trust that you will be okay because when you are truly grateful, everything works out for you.

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