Seeing Is Not Always Believing, But Visualization Helps!

From a very young age, our mind is free to wander as it may, to dream big and to create as many possibilities for our future as we can imagine.  If you were to ask a preschooler what he/she wants to be when they grow up, their answers can range anywhere from puppies, to princesses, to doctors or the ruler of the entire galaxy.  Creativity is limitless when limits are unknown.  Then life happens; we begin to see the world as it is described to us.  If we are raised by free thinkers, we may hold on to that limitless approach to life even as we come to realize that life on earth isn’t always as easy going as we once believed.  But for most of us, we see the world as our parents do and start building a box around our dreams.  As we get older, we place those boxes on shelves and conform.  We are raised in a rat race society, where one must trade time for money, sacrifice happiness for a living and freedom for equity.  But is this really all life has to offer or is there more…

I used to believe that life was all about fortune.  Some people were born into wonderful lives while others were not, but our soul purpose was to display our human worth by remaining content through it all.  Proving our worthiness by giving from empty coffers…raised to believe that we are born into imperfection; a lesser, flawed version of a greater being.  We start our lives off knowing no bounds, but as soon as we can be taught, are conditioned to believe in our imperfection through lessons and songs.  We are taught that we fall short, told that we will mess up and we believe all that we are told.  We eat it up and beg for more.  We feel unworthy, do unworthy things and feel regret, read more about how imperfect we are, and rail against our human nature, only to turn around and do more of that which we are told is wrong which leaves us feeling even worse.  But what if we challenge that.  What if we decide we want more than what we see, more than what we have been conditioned to believe?

I’m not suggesting you abandon what you believe, but I am suggesting you change your approach.  Stop buying into the lie that you must take what you are given and be content.  You are not being punished for someone else’s wrongdoing, and you are not a lesser being.  You are pure energy…the stuff that stars are made of!  It is okay to want more, and to go after it!  It is possible to believe you can have more and make it happen.  It’s not all hocus pocus or smoke and mirrors.  It is scientifically proven that visualization has an impact on cognitive functions such as motor control, attention, perception, planning, as well as memory.  THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!  

Before anything was ever a thing, it was first an idea.  Someone’s dream became a reality because they woke up and made it happen.  How many times have you turned on the TV and seen a commercial and thought I totally had that idea, but what matters is not that you had the idea it’s that you did nothing with it, and because nothing was done, nothing came to you.  The same can be said for any other dream you have for yourself in life.  If you believe you are insignificant, a lesser being, meant to mess up, always needing absolution or validation, content with your lack…then you will continue to sleep on your dreams.  Imagine what happens when you start living your life with purpose and intention; forget the apologies, let go of the past, live in the present, look toward the future.  Believe in yourself AND in your dreams.  Not everything can be seen right now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t unfolding.  Begin to visualize your life as you want it to be and really feel it coming to you, and it will come.  Seeing is not always believing, but believing will always advance your vision.  Make a plan, and go for it!

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  1. Oscar Herrera says:

    I’d love to hear it all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lori C says:

      Check out this thought wheel on my useful tools page…I think you might find it will help you when you find yourself in a negative thought process!


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